For our third presentation we invited talented young photographer Kim Jaeyoung to respond in some way to our work in the space at Soomdo. The photos below show the work he exhibited, which we in turn performed alongside.

P1060069Jaeyoung’s work hangs in the space along with objects and equipment Simon will use in performance.

Please follow this link to see a video of the performance: 

P1060071From outside, passers-by can enjoy Jaeyoung’s depictions of Jin Young and Simon.

Jaeyoung04 Simon tries to explain the project to an interested passer-by. Image courtesy of Jaeyoung Kim.

Jaeyoung03Preparation for the show. Image courtesy of Jaeyoung Kim.

As anyone who follows this blog is aware, the posts do not necessarily follow a linear, chronological path…

So if you just read about a performance that occurred on 18 July, the previous night Jin Young and Simon were working with photographer Kim Jae Young. We will now share some of the results of the late session, where the two performers worked in the dark while being photographed in action by Jae Young…

_BOP0071-M1-4X3-RES _BOP0070-M1-4X3-RES _BOP0058-M3-4x3-RES _BOP0046-M1-4X3-RES _BOP0040-M2-4X3-RES _BOP0039-M1-4X3-RES _BOP0061-M-RES _BOP0053-M-RES

In many ways Jae Young has done with photography what the futurist painters were exploring – capturing movement and and energy rather than a still image. These images and more will be exhibited in the project space at Soomdo on 2015.07.24 from 8pm, with a live response by the Extended Dimensions team.

Images courtesy of (and many thanks to) Jaeyoung Kim Image

© Jaeyoung Kim

Photographed by Jaeyoung Kim

For many reasons, to continue to log activities by daily basis will be impossible, therefore the second week of research and development at Soomdo will be logged in one post.

This week we were joined by Seoul-based composer and amazing pianist Bae Hyun Jung. Using the PA system at Soomdo, Jin Young presented a sketch of a project she will continue to work with using projections and Simon provided the soundtrack using material from his archives and live object manipulations.


If it is unclear what the process is here, Jin Young filmed herself performing to a composition of Simon’s at Art SPace Seogyo, Seoul in June 2015. At Soomdo she then projected onto herself, attempting to ensure that at all times the image of herself was on her back while also responding to the sounds of the piece. She filmed this once again and presented the results at Soomdo.

As this piece came to a close, Hyun Jung had started to play, improvising with the sounds Simon was performing with. The projector was shut off and Jin Young disappeared as Hyun Jung and Simon improvised with each other, piano and objects plus some recorded material. As this collaboration took form, so Jin Young appeared in the ceiling space, creating the tip of a collaborative triangle.

IMG_5002 IMG_5001 IMG_4965  IMG_4998 IMG_4976IMG_4982

Photos courtesy of Soomdo –

And here is a link to an excerpt of the concert, music by Bae Hyun Jung, noises by Simon Whetham

Thank you to Soomdo for filming and uploading

apologies for the non-chronological nature of this post but we felt we should add documentation from the day previous to our presentation…

P1050985 P1050987   P1050992 P1050994


Photo by Park Jiman

soomdo_performance01_05   soomdo_performance01_02 soomdo_performance01_01soomdo_performance01_04soomdo_performance01_03

Photos by Hyun Jung Bae

P1050957Simon recording wind on 7th Floor

7thFloor01 Jin Young performing with the wind