Artist’s Statement:

My work is affected by social issues. At this time, my works represent the life of the young who live in the modern times. My work is a combination of daily life and Korean traditional dancing.

Regarding techniques, I prefer movements which can show the process of a progress that some primitive things become a human being. I feel the most important thing is the communication with an audience. I consider that my art is not just to finish telling my own story but make it more appealing to an audience and make them to feel my work tells their story.

I have great interest in music and the stage. I design and decorate my stage to appear as the ordinary street, room or store which anyone could have been visited at least once in their lifetime. I prefer music to be played live – not recorded in advance but played responding to the performance on the stage at that time.

My current research concerns investigating more deeply about how people look at and consider each other, the relationships between them. I have developed this approach through working with artists from various fields outside of dance. I wish to develop this further through communicative collaborative work with others, especially internationally, to learn from different cultures and contexts.

Work Experience:


Temi Artist Residence, Daejeon – “Grand Cutie”. Community visual art and dance project commission. Collaboration with Cho YoungJoo as Choreographer.

MoKS, Mooste, Estonia – “Active Crossover: Mooste”. Invited artist in two-month site-specific collaboration project. Supported by MoKS and British Council/Arts Council England.


O’New Wall Gallery, Osan – “MakeAPP” – Curator of collaborative project, created and performed in Seoul (June/July 2014). Invited artists: Keiron Jina, South Africa and Catherine Nakawesa, Uganda. Commissioned by Arko, Seoul.

Culture Station 284 <Art Platform2>, Seoul – “Face to Face” – Director: Tristan Sharps. Invited as Performer, July 2014.

Gwangju Biennale 2014 – “Sweet Dew – Since 1980” – Special performance of “A True Statement” by Cho Youngjoo for 20th Anniversary of Gwangju Biennale as Choreographer and Dancer.


N(own)ow, LG Art Hall, Seoul – Invited by Les Ballets C. de la B., Belgium as Musical Director for performance by Elie Tass, Hyoseung Ye, Mathieu Dessigne Ravel, Romeu Runa and Ross McCormack.

lmpulsTanz DanceWEB 2013 Scholarship, Vienna, Austria – invited to participate in International Dance Festival. Participation funded by Arko, Seoul and ImpulsTanz, Vienna.

Arko Arts Theater, Seoul – “Dance Circle 21” as Choreographer and Performer.


Gallery Coons Duck – “The Perfect Time of the Doubt” as Performer.

Ye-Hyo Seung – “Finger Dance Personal Performance” as Assistant Director.

Spinning Wheel Art Festival – “Argument” as Choreographer.


DANCE UMBRELLA – “Square Dances” (UK) as Performer.


[crocus], Doosan Art Center – Choreographed and Starred in theatre production.

Correa Jump, Arco small theatre – Won 3rd Prize in competition for “One’s Inner Life” as Choreographer.


KookMin University, Seoul, South Korea (2002-2006)
Degree in Contemporary Ballet Process and Choreography.
KookMin University, Seoul, South Korea (2008-2012)
Certificate to teach Process of Choreography.